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MYTHRA - Legends of  Heavy Metal 

This site is devoted to the cult, influential, New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Mythra and the seminal Death and Destiny recordings for which they are renowned.  

Formed by John Roach, Maurice Bates, Vince High, Peter Melsom and Barry Hopper and Influenced by many of the first generation 'heavy rock' groups, at the tail end of the 1970's, Mythra were swimming against the Punk Rock tide to satisfy the legions of rock fans in the North East of England who didn't subscribe to the claim that Heavy Metal was dead.

When other bands called it a day, Mythra, with their youthfull arrogance, decided to take a leaf out of the 'New Wave' book and released their own record.

Geoff Barton, of the influencial British Music weekly 'Sounds', was quick to spot the Mythra potential and his recommendation started the demand that kept Death and Destiny in the Alternative Chart for 12 weeks. Following in their wake, it wasn't long before a tide of new 'Heavy Metal' releases issued from the two North East studios of the time, the 'brand new' Gaurdian and the established Impulse Studios - this prompted the 'Sounds' tag NWOBHMNED or New Wave of British Heavy Metal - North East Division. There have been many claims to the title first or best - all we say is check the dates, listen to the tracks and decide for yourself....

Buried in the depths of this site is a detailed history of Mythra, clips from articles written in the music press at the time, quotes from key people in the music industry, interviews and a selection of photographs from the Mythra archives.

In 2015 most of the original Mythra lineup reunited to perform at Brofest #3. The reaction to their appearance was phenominal, the band were blown away by the response.

Since then Mythra have recorded and released Warriors of Time: The Anthology on Skoll Records, a double album of the original Death and Destiny recordings and five new tracks written and recorded in 2015.

In 2016 they played a variety of festival gigs in Europe including the legendary Keep It True festival in Germany and recorded a new album, Still Burning produced by Bart Gabriel for release early in 2017 on High Roller Records.

Mythra are now managed by Gabriel Management